Helping you reach your goals! Improved posture, a flexible spine and body, and a pain free life !

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A transformative and vigorous full body workout taking you through a unique set of challenging and resistant based exercises.  Spring loaded equipment is used to strengthen and stretch your body while creating intelligent movement patterns, proper breathing, decompressed joints and robust circulation.  

Back pain? Strengthen your deep postural muscles, relieving stress from the inter-vertebral discs and joints.

Brita is an advanced Classical Pilates instructor offering private and group lessons in beautiful Vancouver, BC. She is a graduate of the Boulder Pilates program, one of the most comprehensive programs in the world that covers in-depth training on all apparatus. She believes that health and wellness is a way of life and she is passionate about helping clients move and feel better. Her clients are 10 - 95 years old and range from athletes to actors to new moms, to those recovering from injuries, the elderly and everything in between.

It will challenge your body farther than you ever thought possible!  The adaptability of Pilates benefits every physique from the injured to the athlete and focuses on rehabilitation as well as strength, stamina and flexibility.

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