Begin with a few private Pilates lessons to learn the fundamentals and get an understanding of the method. Enjoy the luxury of a personalized workout with instant feedback and form correction to advance faster and enhance your results. Once you've started, continue with privates, duos, trios or group classes.


REFORMER    -     CHAIR      -      MAT     -      TOWER


Taught in a small group setting, you'll get a personalized and intimate workout while still receiving individualized attention.  The repertoire has over 500 exercises that will condition your entire body.


Take a break from your busy day and de-stress, energize and get moving.  Enjoy a Pilates class at lunch or after work, at your office.  An easy way to do something healthy for you and your staff. Strengthen and stretch your body while clearing your mind away from work. Designed for all levels from beginners to experienced students. 

*Participants need to provide their own mat.